Monday, September 15, 2008

The Dolphins Should be Allowed 12 Players on the Field

The Dolphins sucked this week and unlike last week, we can’t offset that sorrow with the joy that comes from watching a division rival’s QB go down with a serious injury. Brett Favre was not diagnosed with AIDS so unfortunately it’s all bad news this week. The last time a Dolphin coach with a moustache got beat by the Arizona Cardinals, he retired three days later. You’re lying to yourself if you’re not starting to watch college games scouting talent and getting your draft board together. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a lot of these plays were inexcusable. Even Pop Warner coaches know how many players are allowed on the field at one time. The Cardinals scored a touchdown on their first play and it only got worse from there. When they were revamping the defense this off-season, the one part of the squad they didn’t feel needed revamping was the secondary. Obviously they didn’t watch any of the games from last year because the secondary got torched over and over just like last season. At some point, we’re going to have to leave a safety 50 yards back just to prevent touchdowns. We were down early and it’s hard to make a comeback with an ineffective running game and a QB who can’t throw over 15 yards. The most frustrating thing was the penalties. Every time something went their way, they countered with a idiotic penalty to negate it. Missed Cardinals field goal? Nope. Dolphins had too may players on the field. Try again. Cardinals stopped on 3 straight downs at the goal line? Nope. Thanks to a face mask penalty the Cardinals get 3 more tries. Teams with as little talent as the Dolphins can’t afford to also be sloppy. But all the penalties gave me an idea.

The Dolphins Should be Allowed 12 Players on the Field 
The Dolphins played so poorly that on one play they were penalized for both having 12 players on the field and going offside on the same play. The Cardinals declined both penalties because the play resulted in a 20 yard completion. That means even with an extra player on the field and the defense getting an illegal head start, they STILL got lit up for 20 yards. With this being the case, they should petition the league to allow 12 players on every play. Given the way they’ve been playing it’s still no guarantee that 10 will know what they’re doing on any given play. With an extra player, maybe we can triple team Randy Moss and hopefully with 12 players you won’t have mismatches like on the first play where Pro Bowl receiver Anquon Boldin found himself in single coverage with a fucking linebacker.

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