Sunday, March 23, 2008

Force all Dolphin Players to be on Reality TV

Last week Jason Taylor made his debut on Dancing with the Stars making him the second active Dolphins player in the last year to be on a reality TV show after Ricky Williams appeared on Pros vs Joes this season. Both of those shows had welcomed retired football players on in the past, but neither of those shows had ever had active NFL players on. I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s because active players are too focused on playing football. This leads me to one way to improve the Dolphins.

Force all Dolphin Players to be on Reality TV 
The Dolphins players are already on the highest rated reality show in the world, the NFL, and they have become the William Hungs of the league. Since they are doing terrible on their main reality show, maybe they’ll have more luck competing in other shows. Maybe we’re not cheering for an awful football team, maybe we’re cheering for an amazingly talented group of singers and dancers. I want to see the Dolphins players win, period. Maybe football field just isn’t the best showcase for their talents.

Not only could they win more off the field, they could also learn important skills. If they can survive on in a house with a bunch of total strangers, maybe they can survive in a locker room without fighting each other like children over a game of dominoes. Maybe hitting people on American Gladiators will teach them how to tackle. I also think any money they earn on these shows should be evenly distributed among season ticket holders who have been surviving on an island of mediocrity for far too long.
                                                                    Joey Porter isn't fat, but the title seemed to fit.