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About Saving The Dolphins

On September 23, 2007, after watching the Miami Dolphins lose to the New York Jets for the sixth time out the last seven games they had played, David Kinney suddenly realized how bad his favorite team had become. They needed help badly and David wanted to help so he started this site to give the Dolphins helpful advice until they win another Super Bowl, a vow he has mostly kept, give or take 4 seasons.

A recent show at EastVille Comedy Club in NYC

About Dave Kinney

Dave started doing comedy out of high school and quickly began performing at all the top clubs in South Florida. After becoming a finalist in the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, he moved to New York where he has performed at clubs around the city on shows with comics from Robin Williams to Jerry Seinfeld. He has performed in the New York Comedy Festival, New York Underground Comedy Festival and a joke of his was featured as one of the top 100 of 2013 by the New York Post.

In addition to stand-up, Dave has created SavingTheDolphins.com, a comedy sports blog dedicated to the Miami Dolphins. He has also appearing on numerous podcasts, and written and performed on several sketch comedy projects. He has written and acted for Google TV and acted in a pilot for MTV. He is currently based out of New York City.


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