Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Have Jason Taylor Fight Cam Cameron to the Death

The last two games against the Bills and Jets confirmed what many had suspected, that the Dolphins have actually become worse as the season has gone on, regressing from a semi-competitive team who couldn’t catch a break into a laughable blooper reel of a team who only serves to give easy wins to otherwise terrible teams. Aside from their on-field play getting worse, there are signs of division off the field, the biggest of which seems to be the growing rift between Jason Taylor and coach Cam Cameron. A team cannot expect to succeed with its only healthy star feuding with its coach, which leaves one rational decision.

Have Jason Taylor Fight Cam Cameron to the Death 

Since the dawn of time, fights to the death have been used successfully to settle feuds. There is no way to know who would win this battle, but it’s clear that one of them needs to stay with the team and one of them needs to die. Their fight should be held at Dolphin Stadium so for once this season, Dolphin fans can leave the stadium with smiles on their faces.

Tale of the Tape

Jason Taylor
Cam Cameron
 Afraid of Heights
(Playing NFL)
(Head Coaching)
5 Pro Bowls

114 Sacks

Certified Badass
 Positive Attitude

Not afraid to
“Fail Forward Fast”

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