Monday, November 12, 2007

Move the Dolphins Back to the Orange Bowl

I’m sure the Joe Robbie family is made up of all great people, but we have to consider the possibility that they may have defiled an Indian Burial Ground when they built Dolphin stadium. In the 16 seasons (1970-1986) the Dolphins played out of the Orange Bowl, they had 5 Super Bowl appearances, 2 Super Bowl wins and a perfect season. For the 20 seasons (1987-2007) they have played out of Dolphins Stadium… Well, you know the rest. The Dolphins accomplished nothing while the Hurricanes won four national championships playing out of their old stadium. The University of Miami just played their last game in the Orange Bowl on Saturday (Which could have gone better), so now the stadium is finally vacant for the Dolphins’ triumphant return. Among other things, the stadiums’ smaller size will make more of the Dolphins’ games sellouts, plus hopefully they won’t have to play on a baseball field for half the season anymore.

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