Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well, this is no fun at all. This is the first thing the Tuna Administration has done that has given me pause. Not in a "I angrily disagree with this decision!", more like "You better know what you're doing." I understand cap space, but Zach Thomas has been a huge part of the identity of this franchise since his rookie season. In a lot of cases, terms like "Fan favorite", "Gritty", "Hard-nosed" and "Blue collar" normally just means some white guy who plays better than most white guys at a position other than QB or kicker (Case in point, Wayne Chrebet). Thomas seemed to be the type of guy who actually warranted these terms. All those cliches about guys who play 110% and guys whose motors are always running seemed tailor-made for him. I realize I'm typing this like a eulogy, but I really do hope he retires. I reluctantly accepted losing Welker and Chambers, but I really don't want to see Thomas in a Patriots or Jets jersey.

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