Thursday, August 16, 2012

Podcast Episode 2: Adios Ochocinco

The second episode of my podcast is up here

The podcast can also now be found in the iTunes Store and you can check it out and subscribe to it on iTunes with this link. Also, all of my iTunes links will now work on all Apple devices.

I had guest comedian Jeff Cerulli on to discuss the second episode of HBO Hard Knocks, Chad Johnson's departure, the disastrous preseason game against the Bucs, the fall of Garrard and the rise of Tannehill, and the question marks at wide receiver and tight end. I also did my best to explain to Jeff why Dolphins fans hate the Jets and we both made predictions for both teams.

The sound should be much better than last week. Let me know by email or Twitter @SavingThePhins what you liked and didn't like and also send me some questions by for next week's episode.

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